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Rebecca Zweibel

Arlington Artist

Ceramics by Rebecca Zweibel
Ceramics by Rebecca Zweibel
Ceramics by Rebecca Zweibel

Rebecca Zweibel is a clay artist who has recently relocated from Colorado. Her art is often inspired by nature and her surroundings. She is a member of the Ceramic Guild which exhibits in the Scope Gallery at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria.

Artist Statement:
I love to explore all facets of the clay art form -- almost anything I see can inspires me to interpret it in my own way in clay. I make anything from functional pieces to handbuilt forms and sculpture. Drawing also captivates me and I often use the surface of my pots as a blank canvas to paint or decorate. No matter how long I have been involved with clay it still offers an almost infinite variety to me and I don't expect it will ever lose its fascination.