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Weenie Beenie

Weenie Beenie
Washington DC has the Chili Bowl, Baltimore has the eateries at Lexington Market, but Arlington has the Weenie Beenie Sandwich Shop. Located at 2680 South Shirlington and the corner of South Four Mile Run Drive, the current structure, all 600 square feet of it, was built in 1973. Twelve parking spaces accommodate the daily drive-up customers.
This month’s Uncommon Place features excerpts from an essay written in 2002 as part of a student folklore project sponsored by Cultural Affairs Division. The original essay was published in the students’ Nauck, Nauck, Who’s There booklet along with other works.
The Weenie Beenie. . .has been in "big business" for 50 years. "Lunch time is the busiest part of the day," says John, the manager and head cook. . . He’s been providing the community with "GOOD EATIN’" for over 7 years now. "I like being the manager," a position that he tackles with pride. "People come from all over just to eat here."
The place is more than a small town restaurant; it is also a regional landmark. You have to eat, and the Weenie Beenie will be there to feed you for a small price. It has ushered in the new millennium. . .fast, hot and ready to serve. What are you eating?
Photo by ArtsWork students, 2002. 

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